Presets and/or displaying position of knobs


As I have been playing with different sounds, I have found myself wanting to go back to a specific sound but failing to recreate it just right. Is there an option or could there be an option to save all of the parameters as a preset of sort, or display the values of each knob on the OLEDs to capture a picture so that I can reset everything to the same values at a later time? I have yet to start playing with the software to create new patches yet, but there is plenty to explore with what came on the SD card.


That’s a really good feature request and I’ve added this to the task board:

There are already built-in parameter saving, but I honestly haven’t played around with it. I usually use Sample and Hold objects that save the state of the knob.

I’ll take a look into the built-in parameters and make sure the Believotron objects work well with the presets and get back to you.

We’re still working on displaying parameters to the OLEDs. We got it working and it was smooth enough, but then none of the upstream patches would compile because the OLED code took up too much space. We’re working on a hardware solution right now and will be shipping hardware updates to anyone who bought a beta after 2017-10-01.