Is this still in progress?


As there has been zero updates - at least on the forum - since almost two months now I wanted to ask if anything can be expected in the near future, if the project has been paused or if things are still rolling?
The main thing for me is the display (last comment from you guys on January 19th: “We’re going to do an efficacy test by building a benchtop flying wire prototype and report back what we find.”).
If I just needed an Axoloti with a bunch of controls I would have gone for a cheap Midi controller, which had saved me $100. The fact that this box has a screen made it stick out for me. It seems as if no one had really tested if its even possible to update the screen capabilities before selling the beta hardware for $250 a piece - which was a bit concerning to find out. But okay 'We’ll add a microcontoller […] which is a upgrade path for the existing beta users" was the last thing we’ve heard — almost 3 months ago. Bit of a stretch for a product in active beta phase.
Maybe you are working hard on this and we just don’t hear anything. Before the release everything was nicely documented on your blog and things seemed to be in progress, now its just quiet.


I agree completely. I was really looking forward to hearing, and particularly seeing more about this. Hope everything is ok :slight_smile:


…pretty sad.


Hello everyone. I would like to apologize for the lack of attention in the forums. I had delegated the responsibility of answering questions and posting updates. I didn’t realize that wasn’t happening. I’ve been communicating with a majority of the beta users via email and was actually disappointed that the forum wasn’t being used.

I’m going to return to doing the updates myself and increase the frequency so you have more awareness of the progress we’re making.

Here is a brief update and I will have more results on Friday. There is a hardware update coming.

I would never want to be in your shoes and face the disappointment and uncertainty of supporting a project that had gone dark, and I’m genuinely sorry, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.