Is there a DIY Kit? Can I make and sell clones?


#Upgrade Kit BYOAxoloti Core
We made an upgrade kit that takes an Axoloti Core and converts it into a Believotron Wanderlust Controller

This kit does not have the Axoloti Core, so it won’t generate any sound without one.

#DIY Kits
If you are interested in a kit including the Axoloti Core, let us know and we can add it to the store.

If you are interested in unpopulated PCBs and/or parts kits, let us know and we can add those and get the BOM updated.

#Open Source File Repo
If you’re looking to go it alone or want to know how it’s built, all of our hardware files are located in our github:

Let us know if you can’t find something, or you’re looking for a specific type of file.

We don’t have build instructions yet as we’re trying to finish this phase of the beta. Once we get enough feedback from the units assembled at our factory, we’re going to publish build instructions. We are, however working on instructions for the upgrade kit. This will explain how to connect an Axoloti Core to the upgrade kit to produce a Believotron Wanderlust.

Clones are great, as long as they’re good clones.
If you’re looking to assemble and sell clones, We’d be happy to offer bulk discounts on any portion of the BOM. If you produce your own PCBs from our files, you must remove any reference to Believotron or Wanderlust and you must keep the MIT Copyright notice. You must include a URL to a publicly hosted file repo where the PCB and ECAD source files are located. Your source files must include a link to Believotron’s original source file and the subsequent licenses must be compatible with Believotron’s file licenses.

Clones are not to be sold or marketed under the Believotron Wanderlust name, nor shall any relationship be declared or implied other than Believotron being the original source of the design. Acceptable trade names shall include the name OpenClone

#Forked Designs
We encourage people to fork our designs and make meaningful changes to the hardware architecture.


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