Beta 1 Problems / Issues


Please use this thread to list problems and issues with your beta synth. We’ll be in shortly to help you out.


#Known issues:

  • Loose screws: Some units have arrived with screws that have loosened during shipping. If there are loose components, do not power on the unit. You can follow these instructions to take apart the unit to see what has become loose: Believotron Wanderlust Assembly Instructions. We’re working on a solution that isn’t loctite. We want you to be able to take the unit apart, but we don’t want the unit to take itself apart.

  • Joystick interference: Some units when reassembled will have stuck joysticks. Please check to see that the washers and spacers are in the correct place. If not, we can ship you a new top plate with a larger hole.

  • OLED Skew. The OLEDs are currently loosely held in place. We’re going to be 3D printing a solution for Beta-1 and shipping it to you after we’ve tested it out.

  • Long screws: The two long screws that hold the synth together may be too long. These were custom cut. I thought I had checked the length, but at least two people have said they stick out too much. We will be shipping out screws with the OLED fixture update