Best way to drive the displays / whats actually possible?


When programming I’m having some issues understanding how to control the displays and what they can actually do. They are working fine, I can plug a constant string into the input of the Wanderlust_Core and it’ll get it displayed.
The way I would wanna use them and the way I’d say you can get most use out of them though is with changing values… displaying the current value of my rotation knobs for example. Or even getting it to a point where you could have a little oscilloscope running on them (like the Korg Minilogue).
It looks as if the Axoloti toolkit doesn’t really provide anything for integer to string conversation. Comments on the forum were about the undefined size of strings. I tried to code my own node (iToA basically) - which I haven’t gotten solved yet, as I’m just trying to wrap my head around how everything is working.
Isn’t that the way the displays are meant to work? Feedback for user input? Or are they really just there to display a constant string?
In your beta release email you mentioned that there were update issues. Does that mean that there is currently no way to update to screens? Or just that they are slow to update? How would I update them?


Hi @Horstmaista,

The code is currently parked so that dynamic updating is off. The current approach takes too long to update and it disrupts the audio processing. We had planned on updating that code this week, but I’ve gotten my first kidney stones for Christmas. No worries, but it’s hard to refactor performant code when you’re dancing away those stones.

We’re going to be working on a short term code solution after the NYE celebrations. This should give you slow, but reasonable output (~2-10 Hz). The longterm solution will probably involve throwing a microcontroller in-line with the OLEDs. We have a solution that would involve replacing the PCB1010, so there is a free upgrade path for beta users.

A real-time scope isn’t likely to be possible on these OLEDs, but it should be fully possible after the hardware update to display a numerical values in real-time (~20-25 Hz).

After we get the performance upgrade, we’ll work on making it easy to display text and numbers without a lot of code or objects.

The code is currently here, but I swear it’s a headache until next week:

Thank you for your patience.


Ah great! No worries and no rush. Was just not sure if I was missing anything and what the plan was. But yeah sounds good.
For the distant future it would be great to have an option for selected-text (maybe inverted pixels) to make menu selections easy, or even a menu node which carries all possible options and an integer selector input.
Thanks for the super quick reply and I hope you’ll feel better soon!


Ahhh, invert is a great idea. And an easy one.

A default menuing system is on the work queue after the OLEDs are up to speed.


I just wanted to update this post to say that we have made progress on the OLED hardware and may get back to menus in June.

Here’s a link to the update: Beta blog: development log with a bit of random yak shaving