Believotron Core Assembly Instructions


Believotron Core Lasercut Assembly Instructions

Shown here is a completed assembly, both with the protective film and with the matte finish.

Start by arranging the enclosure parts and the lasercut plastic glossy side up.

Loosely attach the Axoloti Core to the IO plate using the removable nuts on the audio jacks.

Place the four screws into the top plate (Only four holes). They will enter the plate via the matte side and should be sticking up out of the glossy side.

Place the longer 1" spacer on each of the screws.

Place the Axoloti upside-down onto the screws+spacers. The rear I/O plate should be snug with the top plate.

Place the four 1/4" spacers on the tops of the screws. Place the front and side plates. Note that the DC power jack must be aligned with the side that has a cutout.

Place the bottom plate and make sure the laser cut enclosure is snug in all directions. You can refer to the white enclosure to see the hole pattern. Tighten the four rubber feet+nuts so the unit is secure. Do not over tighten.

If you have any questions, please message us!