Avaliability of cores


Hi there, just discovered the believotron and I have to admit I’m tempted, looks really promising…

I was wondering since I did not find this info on the website if everything in the shop is in stock ?

It seems supply of core are dry at the moment, and I would like to know how it will affect delivery time ?

Thanks a lot.


Hello @KaOsphere!

I apologize for the late reply. I delegated the responsibility of managing the forums and they hadn’t been answered since January and I’m terribly sorry. We’re training a new person to help keep on top of the forums so the engineers can focus on the hardware and software.

To answer your question we buy Axoloti Cores in bulk from Axoloti so our stock will be different. We update the store to pre-order when we run out of stock. We have Axoloti Cores as of this posting.